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    I received my BS in Computer Science at Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA), graduating in 2005. After several years of studies, the internet began to interest me. My focus turned towards web developing and server-side programming languages such as ASP, PHP and Java/JSP. Along with my degree, I received minors in Math, Physics and a Web Programmer Certification from the Internet Studies Center.

    As someone who has always been interested in continued education, I have recently decided to return to school for my Master of Information Technology (specializing in software/web development). It is a 2yr program and started Sept, 2010 at Swinburne University (Melbourne, VIC).

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    Swinburne University

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    Pacific Screening, Inc.

    PHP developer | May 2010 - present.

    In May I began working with a tenant screening (Pacific Screening, Inc.) company to update/enhance the secure side of their website. Updating static pages to use AJAX, for a more user friendly presentation. Enhancments included reorganizing longer/multiple pages to use tabs/sliders, in-page information saving (no page refresh), adding client-side validation, updated modal-box popup to replace browser popups along with moving towards jQuery for cleaner javacript. Also working with the PHP/MySQL codebase. Adding user features, enhancing existing code, removing redundant code, and troubleshooting bugs as needed.
    • Pacific Screening, Inc.
    • Sanctuary of Portland
    • AutoGoGo Inc.
    • MyLeague / Case's Ladder
    • DIS Corporation
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    As my interest in photography has grown over the last 2yrs, I have created a place to display my photos. I researched several websites, and ultimately started an account with Smugmug. One of the main reasons for this choice was their flexibility. From the choices and options for printing and selling photos, to their ability to customize the site with HTML, CSS and Javascript. To go along with this photo selling site, is my blog. The blog includes articles about photography, web development and updates to my photo galleries. The original layout was a single sidebar Wordpress theme, which I modified by adding a second column to the sidebar, numerous plugins and new navigation using the JQuery LavaLamp plugin. The final product was then merged with my Smugmug account to create a seemingly single website.

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Sample Code
Download Paydate Calculator Diagram (.pdf)
Download Paydate Calculator Source Code (.phps)

class Paydate_Calculator
  /** This function determines the first available due date following the funding of a loan.
		* The paydate will be at least 10 days in the future from the $fund_day. The
		* due_date will fall on a day that is a paydate based on their paydate model
		* specified by '$pay_span' unless the date must be adjusted forward to miss a
		* weekend or backward to miss a holiday
		* Holiday adjustment takes precedence over Weekend.
		* @param unix_timestamp $fund_day The day the loan was funded.
		* @param array $holiday_array An array of unix timestamp's containing
		* holidays.
		* @param string $pay_span A string representing the frequency at which the
		* customer is paid. (weekly,bi-weekly,monthly)
		* @param unix_timestamp $pay_day A timestamp containing one of the
		* customers paydays
		* @param bool $direct_deposit A boolean determining whether or not the
		* customer receives their paycheck via direct deposit.
		* @return unix_timestamp A unix timestamp representing the determined due
		* date.
  public function Calculate_Due_Date($fund_day, $holiday_array, $pay_span, $pay_day, $direct_deposit)
	return 0;
  • Personal

    Early this year, I decided it was time to finally return to school for my Masters. Still having a desire to travel, I researched universities in Australia and found Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, VIC. I began my coursework in September of 2010 and expect to graduate in 2012.

    Along with school and photography, I am also PADI certified. I intend on doing some diving along the coast of Australia over the next 2 years.

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